Leveraging decades of experience in technology, strategic planning, business processes, and mentoring, Oscar Aird brings a vast array of skills and knowledge to Coherent Ways. His leadership as Head of Operations has been instrumental in shaping the company's approach to harnessing technology for business growth and innovation.

About Oscar Aird

Oscar is a seasoned professional with a rich history in diverse areas of technology, business strategy, and education. His unique blend of skills allows him to understand and address the complex intersections of business, design, technology, and skills.

At Coherent Ways, Oscar's expertise is channelled into ensuring clients harness technology to its fullest potential. His ability to develop transformation roadmaps, provide unbiased technology evaluations, and mentor entire organizations sets Coherent Ways apart in the technology consulting landscape.

Our Services

*AI-Powered Transformation Roadmap*: Guided by Oscar's expertise, we develop practical, adaptive, and attainable transformation program roadmaps that address your unique business challenges.

*Technology Evaluation*: Our technology evaluations are neutral, unbiased, and informed, ensuring you receive the best possible services to achieve your goals.

*Organizational Mentoring*: With Oscar at the helm, we provide comprehensive upskilling initiatives for stakeholders at all levels, fostering a future-ready workforce.

*Strategic Optimization*: We create alignment between your immediate needs and future goals through strategic optimization, establishing governance models to guide the implementation of long-term business initiatives.

*Organizational Design*: We assist organizations in overcoming operational challenges through innovative technology solutions and process redesigns. We help organizations transition towards more efficient and effective workflows.

Our Promise

As technology continues to evolve, Coherent Ways, under Oscar's leadership, remains committed to guiding your team through these transformations. We believe in harnessing the power of technology to drive sustainable growth and success.

Let us help you navigate the technological landscape, enhance your operations, and maximize your competitive advantage. Contact us today at

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Results? Our Clients Say it Best: 


"Coherent Ways has helped us learn more than just how to use technology – they have helped us understand how to make our operational technology a strategic advantage in the marketplace. We get a great understanding of what our technology can – and should – do for us, and always feel ready for the next big thing” 


"Coherent Ways listened to our team’s differing needs and we appreciate you coming up with a custom solution to our unique challenge. We appreciate the time and approach you have taken with our team to educate us and also to provide the 1:1 mentoring in practical follow-up exercises."   


"We were in need of a clear way to manage our core competencies and operate our company more efficiently."  With the help of Coherent Ways, we now have the processes and technologies needed to be a leaner, more effective company. Coherent Ways is also helping us use the technology stack we already have in place to run our business more effectively in every country.