ONLY 25% is THE tech

Digital Transformation is Organizational

Coherent Ways CONSULTING HELPS our clients LEARN TO use technology wisely.

Our Healthy Digital Ecosystem model is the basis of our approach to creating and delivering realistic transformation programs and new ways of working. It is a comprehensive approach to managing the constant interplay of Business, Design, Technology, and Skills.

We use mentoring and knowledge transfer to teach our clients how to continuously align business and technology strategy with organizational design and skills. Clients learn to normalize the use of constantly changing technology as a true strategic advantage, and to help people understand how they can use technology to do their work better.

We go beyond just "digital transformation" of the technology stack and get to the real challenge: the digital optimization of the organizational design, workflows, and technology skills need to turn technology into a true strategic advantage.

The work:

  • Create practical and attainable transformation program roadmaps, business process design, and governance models to guide and manage short- and long-term strategic technology and digital transformation initiatives.

  • Solve acute and chronic business challenges resulting from technological disruption and opportunities.

  • Provide completely neutral and unbiased evaluation and selection of technology vendors, inclusive of business platforms and outsourcing firms.

  • Mentor the whole organization by co-working with everyone in their contexts and with their real-world situations & technologies.

We also offer and source tactical support to activate, accelerate, and complete digital transformation initiatives, including upskill and reskill programs, content development and data migration.

Results? Our Clients Say it Best:


"Coherent Ways has helped us learn more than just how to use technology – they have helped us understand how to make our operational technology a strategic advantage in the marketplace. We get a great understanding of what our technology can – and should – do for us, and always feel ready for the next big thing”

  • Jeff McNeil, VP, Marketing & Innovation Gorbel, Inc.


"Coherent Ways listened to our team’s differing needs and we appreciate you coming up with a custom solution to our unique challenge. We appreciate the time and approach you have taken with our team to educate us and also to provide the 1:1 mentoring in practical follow-up exercises."

  • Christine Creter, CEO, The Creter Group


"As a 75 year old Volunteer Fire Company, we have a lot of history and old habits - but in recent years, with fewer volunteers and much more technology needed to run the company, we appreciate how Coherent Ways is respectful of our history and of how many of our members are not "technical" at all. We've been able to streamline and simplify so much of the administrative burden of the company using technology we had all along!

  • Business Officer, Volunteer Fire Company in Bucks County, Pennsylvania


Co-Create strategic approaches and technology solutions to complex challenges and new opportunities.

  • Develop rational approaches and sound frameworks to align technology strategy with current and future business goals.

  • Establish programs and governance to guide and manage long term strategic technology initiatives

  • Solve acute and emergent business challenges with or resulting from technological disruption.

  • Provide completely neutral and unbiased technology and professional services evaluation and selection.

  • Make sound buy/build outsource/inhouse decision


Solve acute operational challenges facing the business or functional units.

  • Help the organization get from "zero to one" to learn how to define, design, build and manage digital products and run software development mostly in-house.

  • Refactor workflows to better leverage existing & new technologies.

  • Activate new technology solutions & workflows within your organization.


Help people at all levels better understand how to use technology to help them do their work.

  • Get clear, understandable guidance for the unique issues you face using your technology for your work.

  • Learn how to invent and manage new and better ways of working using technology.

  • Develop clear and sustainable skills management processes.