About Us

Martin FOcazio, CEO

Martin’s long and successful career in digital media and technology started in early 1994, when he was fired from his job as a producer at a major post-production facility in New York City. This happened because he was spending too much time talking to clients about the Internet, how it works and what it meant for their business - and not about editing their TV shows and commercials.

It all worked out well because in 1994, there was a tremendous demand for people who could filter what internet technology might do versus what it should and must do  – and make sense of it all.

He is, above all, a mentor who strives to help people put new knowledge to work for themselves.  Mentoring is more than his work – it is his passion. His proudest moments come when people understand new technology and what it means in the context of their purpose.

He has a knack for correctly identifying how emerging technology tools and techniques will impact business strategies, operational practices, and societal norms. This peek over the horizon is quantified in practical strategic plans of action that his clients use to plan, design, and deploy successful projects online.

Martin is an excellent public speaker and is well regarded for developing executive and tactical educational programs that are fast-paced, informative and actionable. 

He has traveled to work on-site with clients in 25 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

He was a founding member of the influential New York New Media Association, was named one of New York Magazine’s “Cyber 60”, is the Author of “the E-Factor” (Amacom), was the first Digital Strategist hired by AGENCY.COM, the seminal digital agency that was instrumental in creating what is now called “digital transformation” at scale. He is a founding member and Board Member of Startup Bucks, a nonprofit organization in Bucks County. 

Some career highlights include hugely successful online initiatives for Sesame Street.org , AT&T, and Discover Financial Services. He helped Sony, Warner and Paramount studios and other media firms develop completely new digital products and services to replace declining physical media revenue. He worked with the American Red Cross to re-envision how digital technologies could better serve their missions and worked with Daimler to envision new business models for connected vehicles. He helped Stanley Black and Decker improve their “digital asset” supply chain and helped 3M envision a digital sales channel for their 70,000+ products.

In early 2019, after almost seven years as a Senior Director at a hyper-growth public technology services firm, he took a year off to explore and understand the disconnects between the promise and realities of how or if technology helps organizations and their people attain their purpose. He spoke to scores of executives and front-line managers in the private and public sector.

As a result of this exploration, he founded Coherent Ways on the premise that people and organizations need to use technology more wisely – and with more proficiency – if they are to attain positive outcomes. 


Jeremy started his career over 20 years ago when he joined a global IT services and software firm to help organizations save themselves from the technical doom that was to be Y2K and its feared millennium bug.  From those successes, he focused on helping to bring to market new innovations in digital commerce and customer experiences across all aspects of the digital supply chain from software engineer to product manager and solutions architect.

Always focused on mapping the business needs to the technical capabilities of the product or services provided. As a proven and trusted advisor, Jeremy brings sanity to the process of building massive technology solutions. He worked both the "sell" side of very large technology initiatives, as well as the delivery side ensuring the closest alignment between the people, processes, and technology required to overcome the specific challenge. 

As a consultant, he helped to build and grow teams in some of the fastest growing private software and consulting firms managing the design and delivery of go-to-market strategies and solutions to enable and grow sales.  He understands the business of technology as well as the practices of technology delivery from real-world experiences managing large-scale global programs focused on delivering innovation at scale across commerce, customer experiences, and most recently the Internet of Things. 

Focused on delivering innovation and the highest business outcomes, Jeremy joins Coherent Ways to help Martin in the mission of bringing customers the strategies and experience they need apply technology more wisely to solve their business challenges.