The ONLY "FIduciary" Tech consultants

In our view, any technology consultancy that generates revenue from sales referrals to developers or technology platforms is suspect. Our approach is 100% client-centered, and our work often results in less spending on technology and related initiatives. 

One of our key ideas is that very often, the technology you already have is all you need to attain your strategic goals; the only barriers are organizational design and skills development. 

That means we:

Have no economic entanglements.
The technology consulting market is full of firms with "partnerships" that are little more than undisclosed sales commissions; this leads inevitably to consultancies that will recommend the solutions that are in their own best interest, not the client's interest.

Have completion dates.
We think too many business relationships in tech are "parasitic" - a nasty word we use quite deliberately. We feel that the strongest motivation to get things right and get things done is to bound a project with well-defined schedule that we all stick to. 

Share everything we know.  
We don't just drop a binder of slides and wish you luck - we take our optimized process and put it into place in reality. We mentor people as they transform work in the real-world, helping to combine their knowledge and skills with the technology capabilities they need to have a better way of working. 

Our Core Values

Be Thoughtful

Focus on the purpose of the organization, not the technology.

A fire truck does not put out fires. Firefighters do. This seems obvious, but when it comes to digital technology, the focus seems to be on the AI, the new web site, the new eCommerce platform, the new CRM tool and so on. So, when we put "Be Thoughtful" at the top of our values list, we mean literally ignoring the technology and thinking about the purpose of the organization and what it does. 

Be Human. 

Make technology serve the needs of people.

Ask a doctor about Electronic Health Records and you'll almost universally get a sad sigh - this and other similar technology reduces humans to "users" and "use-cases," not people with things to do.  We rigorously defend humanity from the idiocy of bad technology experiences and insist that technology is supposed to help people, not vice versa. 

Normalize Technology. 

Take the magic out of the tech.

There are people who have never driven a car, but they could learn at any time. To drive, they don't need to know how to rebuild the engine, but they do need to know the fundamentals of vehicles and the rules of the road. Technology is no different - and people can learn to "drive" technology in the same way they can learn to drive a vehicle; it isn't magic, it's just a mix of skills and knowledge.  We teach skills and transfer knowledge so there's no magic in how technology can best work for people and organizations.